What We Do

    Dream Big Jobs was developed because
    most parents, home schoolers, high schools,
    vocational and technical schools, colleges,
    and universities are equipped to provide
    the traditional educational process needed
    to help one prepare for a professional

    However, these systems usually do not have
    the resources, time, and career education
    training and experience needed to
    accurately determine the right career choice
    for you.  

    Our services will bridge the career decision
    gap before entering the workforce for the
    academically challenged, and the most
    scholarly individuals to answer the question,
    What is the right job for me?

    Dream Big Jobs is commitment to educating:
  • All student levels
  • Unemployed workers
  • Unsatisfied and unsure employed workers  
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A Career Education Service

Register now for a career education workshop near you.  Learn the key to finding your dream job in a two
day training dedicated to teaching and showing you the correct way to determine your career path or job
choice.  Dream Big Jobs' purpose is to:

  • Provide quality career education services to help improve young lives aged 14-25
  • Assist participants with making informed choices about careers/jobs, trainings and postsecondary
    education to discover which career path is the right for you
  • Provide modern career assessment tools to discover unknown and hidden skills, talents, and abilities
  • Apply additional one on one coaching when needed
  • Assist parents and the education systems by exposing students to hundreds of 21st century careers
  • Become a major contributor of helping to decrease the unemployment rate of those 25 and older  

    How Parents Can Help?

    Giving your child access to a professional
    career educational service will be a
    rewarding and lifelong experience that will
    be appreciated.  An experienced career
    educator will help focus, inform, and
    encourage your child through the career
    planning process.

    Our program will:
  • Build an everlasting foundation for
  • Identify and understand their unique
  • Develop confidence
  • Accurately explore current careers

    What We Offer Additionally
    In addition, this educational training is
    appropriate for adults.  Whether,
    unsatisfied with your job or career, have
    the yearning for a new start and unsure of
    what to do next, or unemployed and need